Northern Territory

Aboriginal Tourism Strategy 2030

NT Department of Tourism, Sport and Culture
Strategy & Advisory


The Northern Territory Department of Tourism Sport and Culture (DTSC) recognised demand for aboriginal tourism experiences was outstripping supply. A considered Aboriginal Tourism Strategy was required to set out a whole of government plan to improve services levels, increase product supply, leverage existing infrastructure programs and increase Aboriginal leadership and governance of the sector.


Initially, MI immersed ourselves in a wide-ranging stakeholder consultation process. We listened to people, hosted public meetings and consulted extensively with industry and government. We also researched all available information that quantified the Aboriginal Tourism industry in Australia and the Northern Territory. Next, we worked with the Aboriginal Tourism Advisory Council (ATAC) and the DTSC to develop a clear strategy – a vision, a mission and a series of pillars that defined and underpinned the overall Strategy.  Through this collaborative approach we developed a detailed plan to ensure that the Northern Territory becomes an Australian leader in the Aboriginal Tourism Sector. The final Aboriginal Tourism Strategy has five Strategic Pillars and 14 Initiatives in a plan that incorporates Aboriginal People, the tourism industry, DTSC and the whole of Northern Territory Government.


The strategy contains tangible actions and activities to implement. Importantly, the strategy also identifies resources to assist Aboriginal people understand what and how to participate in this growing and important industry. The plan is broken into defined initiatives that will assist the Northern Territory Government progressively improve the quality and quantity of Aboriginal Tourism experiences and over time become the undeniable Australian leader in the Aboriginal Tourism Sector.