MI is an Australia-based global business with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. Our work over the past 19 years has spanned 26 countries across five continents. We have advised on the world’s most significant sports, arts, culture and tourism projects and our clients, whether in the public or private sector, are leaders in their field.

In Major Events, MI has been involved in every Summer Olympic Games since 2000 and every Rugby World Cup since 2003 either through host city bidding or planning capacity. We also provide strategic advice and event evaluation services for domestic events, assisting event owners and tourism bodies understand the impacts events can have for host regions. 

In Venues & Facilities, MI has been embedded in the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust, Infrastructure NSW, Venues NSW and the Sydney Opera House providing project management and advisory services to ensure these clients maximise the economic outcomes of stadium and precinct operations. MI has also developed compelling business cases and commercial feasibility assessments for sporting precincts and tourism infrastructure.

Across the services, MI has worked with many of the major State Tourism Agencies across Australia and New Zealand including Destination NSW, Tourism and Events Queensland, Tourism WA, Tourism NT, Tourism SA and WellingtonNZ. This has included developing tourism strategies, major event strategies, feasibility assessments, event bidding assistance and event evaluations.

We employ professionals who are empowered to deliver complex projects in an efficient manner, creating innovative solutions to meet the client’s needs. Our vision is simple: To deliver extraordinary projects with passionate, resourceful people in partnership with our clients.

We specialise in Major Events and Venues & Facilities and provide four main services:

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