In Advisory, MI has a team of consultants who bring their global experience across venues and major events to provide strategic insight into sport and tourism. 


MI provides an evidence-based holistic approach that delivers fully-informed outcomes for our clients. 

Across our projects, we take a holistic approach to evaluation and research that combines market intelligence with primary and secondary data to establish evidence-based outcomes for our clients.


MI has experienced personnel to assist in such projects as:

  • Sport Advisory

    • Business and Commercial Planning

    • Operational and Governance Reviews

    • Business Continuity and Risk Management

    • Sports funding

    • Membership and Participation.

  • Tourism Advisory

    • Tourism strategy development

    • Community impact assessment on tourism investment

    • Community impact assessment on tourism marketing investment.

  • Market Research

    • Strategic Evaluation including:

      • Stakeholder engagement 

      • Market & competitor intelligence 

      • Economic impact and broader benefits assessment 

      • Event asset valuation,

      • Strategic planning,

      • Brand & marketing strategy 

      • Visitor economy modelling

      • Crowd counting

    • Custom Research including:

      • Brand health monitoring 

      • Market segmentation 

      • Marketing effectiveness & advertising tracking 

      • Market positioning / perceptual mapping

      • Sponsorship impact

      • Membership / event attendee research 

      • CX and journey mapping

      • Propensity analysis & predictive modelling 

      • Willingness to pay surveys and choice modelling.

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