Deirdre O'Neill, Principal

Deirdre is a Principal with MI, with a Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours from University College Dublin.

Deirdre has been assisting Government define and deliver the redevelopment of the Sydney Football Stadium ($729m) since 2017. This role has progressed from assisting the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (SCG) develop and assess options for redevelopment, to acting as Project Director at Infrastructure NSW for the Reference Design and Procurement Phase, and more recently providing Project Director Services to the SCG assisting them with the end-to-end development of the project.

Having completed her role working with the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust on the development of the Trust’s $1 billion Master Plan and Allianz Redevelopment Project, Deirdre was seconded into Infrastructure NSW to oversee the NSW Government’s Stadia Redevelopment Program. This has involved working across the redevelopment plans for Western Sydney Stadium, ANZ Stadium and Allianz Stadium.

Prior to joining MI, Deirdre worked in a multi-discipline environment where her passion was working collaboratively with the project team to deliver the best results for each client. Her experience has given her a broad set of project management skills including leading and managing teams, managing project finances and resources, and juggling multiple projects with different priorities simultaneously.

Deirdre is a highly experienced and qualified engineer with over 20 years’ experience leading multi-disciplinary teams on the delivery of high-profile projects in Sydney and London. Her experience spans a range of sectors including Sports, Leisure, Arts & Culture and Commercial.

The SCG Northern Stand is an example of a world class sports facility successfully delivered to tight schedules and with a happy client and contractor. Deirdre led the Arup design team through all phases.

She is a talented Project Director and Business Consultant with a proven ability to deliver highly complex infrastructure projects. Deirdre is an accomplished team leader, with core strengths in working collaboratively with multi-discipline project teams to deliver the best outcomes for her client.  

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