The world of events is a highly competitive and complex environment. In order to stand out from the crowd it is critical to have a best-practice event strategy. MI has great expertise providing event strategy services which are designed to maximise client outcomes.


Our Experience includes:

  • Developing Multi-Year event strategies

  • Master calendar review and/or development

  • Event Selection & Funding Frameworks - Creating and developing best practice processes & templates

Venues & Facilities

Obtaining the right level of advice and getting the right people on your project are two of the most important aspects to developing a venue strategy. MI assist our clients define their brief, develop a strategy and then integrate a multi-disciplinary consulting team to implement the strategy – from idea, to concept and beyond.

Our Experience includes:

  • Developing ‘whole of country’ sport venue Master Plans

  • Development of Olympic Games Master Plans

  • Master planning sport and cultural precincts

  • Assisting sporting bodies prioritise facility planning and development??

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Understanding the economic impact of events is crucial to determine return on investment and, ultimately, success or failure of the event. MI has completed over 300 economic impact assessments and uses the very latest techniques to measure not only the economic impact, but also the broader benefits and legacies an event delivers.

Innovative Research & Analysis is critical to enable fully informed decision making. To this end, MI has a comprehensive in-house quantitative and qualitative research capability. MI develop customised and cost-effective Research & Analysis solutions to assist our clients in achieving their business goals.

Research methods can be tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of a client brief, including:

  • Face-to-face infield event research

  • Post event Online surveys

  • Flash studies (<5-day turnaround, nat. rep)

  • Panel Surveys

  • Focus groups.


Our Experience includes:

  • Economic Impact Assessments – MI uses the Direct Expenditure methodology to determine the Economic Impact of an event, capturing data infield at the event, and then following up online post event to capture true expenditure.

  • Event Satisfaction Surveys – MI designs surveys and deploys infield teams and online surveys to reveal customer insights into what elements are most crucial to driving overall satisfaction, and what needs to be improved?

  • Community Engagement and Sentiment Evaluation – MI can design surveys for our clients to understand local resident support​ for the event, and/or event investment.

Case Studies

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Venues & Facilities

It is no longer acceptable for venue and facility owners and operators to keep doing what they are doing and hope to retain their market share in an ever increasing competitive landscape.

MI facility performance reviews systematically evaluate the performance and/or effectiveness of one or more aspects of venue in relation to issues such as accessibility, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, functionality, productivity, safety and security and sustainability.

Knowing what the customer wants is a necessity of business.

When it comes to learning about a venues’ effectiveness, there is rarely anything more effective than a customer satisfaction survey.

Our Experience includes:

  • Venue Mystery Shopping – MI designs surveys and deploys infield teams and online surveys to reveal touchpoints around a venue that affect the customer experience

  • Venue Membership Surveys – MI designs and deploys  online surveys to present and past member databases, as well as representative panelists from the region, to understand the satisfaction, wants and needs, and price points, of the fan in seeking a venue Membership

  • Venue Performance Reviews

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Kardinia Park

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Suncorp Stadium

Suncorp Stadium

Member Research


MI is the preferred consultant in the tourism sector where our experience, in-depth analysis and approach creates strategic solutions for government and tourism organisations that target visitor economy growth.

Our Experience includes:

  • Brand and Product Testing – MI has a bespoke survey design that allows Tourism Organisations to test appeal and price-point considerations by Domestic and International panelists of specific products or experiences being considered for development and investment.

  • Stakeholder and Industry Consultation – MI believe the stakeholder engagement process must be holistic, inclusive, right-sized and consultative to listen and understand what matters to different stakeholders, and to respond to their aspirations, needs, issues and risks. MI's approach is designed to provide both scale and deep insight to the process.

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