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Apex Circuit Design (APEX) is an internationally recognised multidisciplinary automotive facility and destination design consultancy. The global motor cities APEX design include a number of motor racing circuits to accommodate a range of different automotive competitions, hotels and ancillary facilities such as shooting clubs, karting circuits and driver experience centres. Apex required an independent economic consultant to assess the commercial viability of these master planned Motor City Destinations around the globe.


MI provided commercial advice and discounted cash flow analysis to understand the net present value, the internal rate of return and payback period of each facility within the Motor Cities based on capital and operational costs, as well as the event and non event revenue streams across a 30-year evaluation period. The assumptions are based on real data from similar facilities around the world (e.g. provided by APEX and other experts) and sensitivity and scenario testing is also conducted on each assumption to ensure each client had a good understanding of the feasibility of each component of its proposed venue.


MI has provided this service to APEX for Motor City proposals in Australia (Victoria and NSW), China and the UAE and each assessment assisted the client and APEX in finalising the development of the facility Master Plan.