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Suncorp Stadium
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Suncorp Stadium was looking to better understand the perceptions and expectations towards their membership offerings from their current, previous and potential Stadium Members. The objectives of the study included evaluating satisfaction of members, identifying membership features that provide the greatest perceived value, and testing the appeal of new membership offerings. 


MI conducted three individual online surveys of Suncorp Stadium’s lapsed, current and potential Members. This was followed by an assessment of the lapsed and current Members’ satisfaction with their membership experience, identifying potential areas of improvement to increase membership satisfaction. The project also evaluated the appeal of Suncorp Stadium’s current membership offerings, along with the appeal of new membership features and packages within the Brisbane consumer market. This study used MI’s unique choice-modelling analysis whereby the existing and potential membership packages were examined for their appeal. Price sensitivity testing also allowed the evaluation of customer sensitivity towards specific membership attributes and price-points. 


Suncorp Stadium was presented with a report containing the combined findings of the three surveys which highlighted customers’ perceptions of the membership experience at Suncorp Stadium. The report provided an understanding of how the memberships compare to the needs and expectations of lapsed and existing members, along with actionable findings and key recommendations to assist Suncorp Stadium in effectively attracting new markets to increase their member base.