Nick Kyrgios Foundation

Business Plan & Feasibility Study

Nick Kyrgios Foundation 
Feasibility & Business Cases


The strategic objective of the NK Foundation is to build a facility that provides a much-needed service to disadvantaged youth and the local community through access to sport, support and opportunities. The NK Foundation required assistance with the development of a business plan and feasibility model for this facility. This included understanding the key components of the facility to best meet the NK Foundation’s objectives, understanding the costs to build and operate the facility and identifying the revenue required to ensure the NK Foundation is sustainable long term.


MI undertook significant research to understand the different youth servicing models and facility needs of the targeted area. Stakeholder engagement was then undertaken with the Local Council, a youth servicing organisation, state sport organisations, a cost planner and an architect to establish the preferred model. Once the business plan was established, financial analysis was undertaken to establish the capital cost requirement as well as ongoing operational revenues and costs. This helped identify the level of ongoing Government and philanthropic support required.


The business plan and feasibility study has been used to lobby Government support at the Local, State and Federal level, as well as several private investors.