NRL Double Header

Economic Impact and Event Analysis

Tourism & Events Queensland
Evaluation & Research


Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) sought to understand the value provided to the City of Brisbane and the State of Queensland by the 2018 National Rugby League (NRL) Double Header, along with how the event was perceived by attendees.


MI designed a custom online research program distributed to the Ticketing database of the 2018 NRL Double Header. The questions were designed to provide the evidence required to conduct a Direct Visitor Expenditure Analysis and determine the economic benefit delivered by hosting the event. The research program also provided insight into overall event satisfaction, sponsor engagement and awareness, attitudes towards Government involvement, and marketing channel exposure.


MI provided a detailed report on the Economic Impact and Event Evaluation for the 2018 NRL Double Header. By providing a Direct Visitor Expenditure Analysis, the economic benefit could be compared with other major events receiving investment from TEQ. The report also provided TEQ with a holistic view of the wider economic and community benefits provided by the event. The research provided detailed insights into attendee demographics, reasons for attendance, overall satisfaction and potential areas for improvement that could be incorporated into future event KPIs and assist with the growth of the event. The report has provided valuable evidence to support the decision-making around further investment by TEQ – resulting in the 2019 Magic Round.