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Cruise Development Plan

Destination NSW
Strategy & Advisory


Destination NSW was seeking a consultant to develop a Cruise Development Plan to ensure NSW would meet the forecast growth in the sector over the following 10 years.


MI developed the NSW Cruise Development Plan through extensive stakeholder engagement with government and industry, a high level assessment of the existing port infrastructure in NSW, options analysis and options development, international and domestic competitive analysis and forecasting, and an economic impact model. The Plan clarified the NSW Government’s long term capacity requirements associated with port infrastructure, legislation, stevedoring, ground tour planning and destination management.


The final NSW Cruise Development Plan was adopted by the NSW Government and is being implemented to capture a larger share of the economic benefits from the growth in the cruise market. Investment and development into the Eden and Newcastle Ports has commenced and the sector has increased its cruise program to these regional ports. Trials to utilise Wollongong as a layover and provedoring port has also commenced.