Northern Territory Major Events Company




In 2016, the Northern Territory Major Events Company (NTMEC) Board determined they needed to develop a 5 year Strategic Plan to establish a new outlook for the organisation, including a review of its interactions with other government agencies and a reduced reliance on government funding for the delivery of their own events. This could be achieved through the development of a commercial program,  improved marketing practices and a more efficiently run business.


To develop the Strategic Plan, MI Associates undertook extensive stakeholder, market and competitor analysis to determine a right sized solution for NTMEC. The solution looked to better position the existing events portfolio to support the growth of the visitor economy for the Territory. As part of the strategy development an events investment framework and supporting decision making tools were developed to support joint decision making across multiple government agencies. This ultimately helped to guide the future development and  investment into major events for the Territory. 


In August 2017, the Strategic Plan was endorsed by the NT Government and while still in early days of its implementation has already guided changes within the organisation. A new event assessment framework has been implemented, a new digital capability has been added. This combined with new staffing will guide the future growth and evolution of the organisation. Recently, a 'whole of Territory calendar' has been developed and opportunities have been identified to better leverage destination management opportunities through new and improved partnerships, marketing, sales, research and reporting capabilities.