Sport Venue Master Plan

Qatar Olympic Committee
Strategy & Advisory


Qatar Olympic Committee (QOC) required a strategic framework to govern the development of existing and new sports facilities for the State of Qatar. Having won the FIFA 2022 Football World Cup and with an intention to bid for the 2020 Olympic Games, Qatar needed a 20 year blueprint that would support the existing network of professional sport clubs, provide additional community sport facilities and strategically develop a range of world class facilities that over time would enable the future hosting of mega events and world championships.


MI conducted a whole of nation sport facility audit as well as significant stakeholder engagement across multiple government agencies and private developers over 12 months to garner a greater understanding of the socio-economic environment that exists in Qatar. This research allowed MI to review potential commercial opportunities to improve the economic sustainability of the facilities through community based sport, high-performance training and the regular hosting of events. This was then combined with potential Olympic and FIFA World Cup facility overlays to finalise the location, size and timing for development of all sport venues required in the next 20 years.


The completion of the 1,200 page Master Plan enabled Qatar to strategically position itself to attract and bid for new events and further the develop sport and community participation in Qatar and the wider region.