Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment 

Project Advisory

Planning & Delivery


In 2018, Infrastructure NSW (INSW) was given responsibility for the delivery of the redevelopment of Sydney Football Stadium (SFS). Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (SCGT) required project management services to assist in coordinating the input to, and the writing of, a Functional Brief for the SFS Redevelopment and support its ongoing interface with INSW during the design process.


MI developed the Functional Brief that described all the elements of the stadium project (scope), and how they are to work and relate to other areas (function), including reference to relevant standards and benchmarks. The development of the document required briefings and extensive consultation with all stakeholders, including the sporting codes and clubs as future users. The Functional Brief formed the basis of the Sydney Football Stadium Project Brief and Reference Design developed by INSW for procurement of the stadium. MI Associates led the review, control and tracking of the emerging INSW Project Brief and Reference Design to ensure that the stadium continued to provide SCGT with everything they required for a successful and sustainable future operation. This review monitoring included a system to track all questions, concerns and clarifications.


SCGT signed off the INSW Sydney Football Stadium Project Brief in late 2018. This was only possible because senior management had confidence in the systems and processes implemented by MI, giving them reassurance that the document reflected their absolute needs and requirements. The Functional Brief was used in the procurement process for the main contractor, and remains a key contract document. It defines all of the requirements for the Sydney Football Stadium including all associated functional, quality and technical obligations.