Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment 

Project Advisory

Planning & Delivery


Since 2017, MI has been assisting Government define and deliver the redevelopment of the Sydney Football Stadium ($729m). This role has progressed from assisting the Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (SCG) develop and assess options for redevelopment, to acting as Project Director at Infrastructure NSW (INSW) for the Reference Design and Procurement Phase, and more recently providing Project Director Services to the SCG during the design development phase.



Through each of these commissions MI’s solution has been high quality advice and Project Director services to our clients, be they the SCG or INSW, maximising their desired outcomes. This work has encompassed the following phases of the development cycle – strategy, master planning, funding, brief development, design, planning approvals, procurement, detailed design and value engineering. MI provide value by understanding both how the development cycle works for a major infrastructure project and how venues operate and generate revenue. MI used this knowledge to deliver our client a stadium that will operate effectively, maximises commercial outcomes and delivers the world’s best stadium experiences for hirers, operators and fans.


SCGT signed off the INSW Sydney Football Stadium Project Brief in late 2018. This was only possible because senior management had confidence in the systems and processes implemented by MI, giving them reassurance that the document reflected their absolute needs and requirements. The Functional Brief was used in the procurement process for the main contractor, and remains a key contract document as it defines all of the requirements for the Sydney Football Stadium, both functional and technical. Importantly, it will also be used as the ongoing reference point by the SCGT in terms of its requirements and quality standards throughout the detailed design phase.