T20 2020 World Cup

Commercial & Economic Modelling

NSW Office of Sport
Feasibility & Business Cases


NSW Office of Sport (OoS) required assistance in understanding the costs and economic benefits of hosting T20 2020 World Cup matches to put forward a compelling proposition to Cricket Australia.


MI developed a commercial model to determine the overall cost to Government of hosting the event, given the commercial restrictions placed on the Host City. This required the gathering and collating of all proposed rights fees and relevant costs associated with hosting a match. Additionally, as part of the justification process to bid, the OoS needed to understand the benefits of hosting the event in NSW. MI developed an economic model that encompasses attendee projections, ticketing analysis and potential broader benefits including economic, tourism, community and global media impacts that the event would produce for the State. The model included potential schedule scenarios and to what extent they affected the economic benefits.


The models and business case were presented to NSW Treasury and NSW Government Expenditure Review Committee and became key contributions to the final OoS bid document to Cricket Australia.