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Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ) was seeking to better understand the views of the Queensland community towards major events hosted across the State to ensure its funding is allocated in an optimal manner that aligns with community interests and engagement. In addition, TEQ also wished to understand the level of Queensland community support for its event portfolio, and its continued investment in this area. 


MI designed a year-long multi-phase research tracking study engaging a representative sample of adult Queenslanders from across all 12 tourism regions. This study sought to gauge attitudes towards, and engagement with, the TEQ event portfolio. In essence, this meant measuring the “pulse” of Queenslanders towards major events not only in their own localities but across the State. Data was gathered and analysed from six bimonthly waves of a state-wide rolling survey, comprising a total 2400 responses. This comprehensive research study enabled TEQ to measure awareness, engagement and sentiment towards its funded events among Queenslanders. MI evaluated community perceptions regarding the benefits these events deliver such as community pride, vibrancy, enjoyment, and how the events make the location a better place to live, work and play.


Through our community pulse measurements, MI was able to provide strategic insights into event strategy, marketing effectiveness and communications, based on the awareness and engagement of the Queensland community. After each bimonthly wave, TEQ had an independent evidence-base measuring the support from Queensland residents toward its current and potential future events investment.