State Tourism Product Appeal and Intention Testing

State Tourism Organisation
Evaluation & Research


A State Tourism Organisation sought to understand the potential of appeal and demand of various tourism experiences among domestic and international visitors. The information was required to gain an insight about the extent to which the proposed experiences would drive visitation. The study also looked to test the sensitivity to price across the experiences.


MI designed and undertook a bespoke digital research study which targeted a specific set of respondents to mirror the State’s visitor profile in an Australia-wide market, and three international markets. The study used a unique methodology to test a number of factors, such as appeal of the experience, and ability to drive visitation. MI also examined the impact of price on product appeal. The study offered insight to the most popular products, market with the highest level of interest (domestic & international), and suitability of experience-price with market expectations.


The research offered the client a detailed understanding of the appeal of proposed experiences across target markets, the degree that price impacted this appeal, and the potential for experiences to drive visitation to the State. Subsequently, this minimised the risk of pursuing low-value experiences, whilst providing support for the development of high-value experiences.