Major Events Strategy

Strategy & Advisory


WellingtonNZ, formerly WREDA – the economic development arm of Wellington City Council, required assistance in developing the foundation elements of Wellington’s Major Events Strategy. This process was designed to provide a strategic platform for future major event success, with the aim of providing a refreshed Major Events Calendar of unique events to ensure Wellington remains a vibrant, exciting city that has the capacity to not only attract domestic and international visitors but also offer its residents a wonderful place in which to live, work, study and play.


MI in consultation with WellingtonNZ, developed the key elements of the strategy development process via three distinct phases. Initially, MI undertook a comprehensive information discovery phase encompassing: extensive document review of current event and tourism landscape; regional major event trends; competitor analysis; key supply and demand side constraints; gap analysis; funding comparisons; and a thorough review of its current event portfolio and ROI modelling. The next phase involved extensive internal and external stakeholder engagement. This included community and key stakeholder surveys plus a series of depth interviews to ensure comprehensive engagement. An internal workshop was conducted to examine the divergent views and issues, and identify the potential opportunities and risks. Phase three was a key opportunities workshop with senior WellingtonNZ management to convey the key insights and identify Wellington’s unique selling points and its strengths and weaknesses. This then developed into a key set of recommendations developed in consultation with WellingtonNZ, producing an overall strategy report.


WellingtonNZ embraced the key recommendations of the strategy and is now developing a public-facing document which clearly articulates Wellington’s, and the region’s, major event priorities, criteria and formula for success.