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With a steady march towards the digitisation and gamification of traditional project management software one must ask: Are traditional project management software applications such as MS Project becoming obsolete?

One of the challenges faced by project managers is implementing the often mundane and repetitive “Plan, Do, Check, Act”. Teams that do not have project management discipline, limited resources or simply do not understand the merits of such a process often result in projects which lurch from one issue to the next. Traditionally, project managers have used products such as MS Project with a Gantt chart visualisation from which to develop a baseline and then proceeded to check and act based on a methodical review on a frequent basis.

With the development of increasingly smart, collaborative, and integrated platforms such as, SmartSheet, Trello, Asana and Microsoft Teams (to name a few) the traditional approach is progressively being shunned by clients. Undoubtably the trend towards increasingly dispersed and remote teams (accelerated by COVID-19) has made the collective review of a Gantt chart or action/ issue log less relevant and engaging. There also continues to be a march towards autonomy with instant updates, mobile applications, and push notifications, regardless of the time zone or location.  

Enter….WeTrack, a platform providing specific project management software for the event and sport sector which is growing rapidly with clients all around the world. The integration of planning, risk management, tournament time control (issues and run sheets) as well as a new sustainability module capitalises on this new approach to project management. The system allows for the integration of “plan, do, check, act” all in one platform whilst sending automated push notifications, reports and outcomes to teams wherever they may be based.

Undoubtably this platform, and many others, give organisations, organising committees and individuals’ confidence that project management is “taken care of”. For many this could be seen as a death nail for project managers and traditional project management tools with the democratisation of project management however the fundamentals remain the same. The information which is included within these platforms is only as accurate as what has been inputted. It is therefore even more important that project managers understand, tailor and synthesise information into these platforms to ensure the information is correct and organisations don’t get caught unaware that tasks are slipping and what the flow on affects may be.

MI Global Partners continues to provide invaluable insights based on over 22 years of experience to better inform and organise the information within these exciting new platforms. This in turn provides more actionable, timely and ultimately better outcomes for the enjoyment of events, sport and places, from inception to celebration. Get in touch if you have an interesting new software solution or need assistance in the implementation of insightful project management solutions.

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