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“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
                                                                                Robert Swan, Author

At MI Global Partners, our vision is to be global leaders in sustainable events, sport and place. As a purpose-led company, underpinning everything we do is a commitment to ‘being more than a business’ – doing our part, and leaving an enduring impact on people's lives and the planet. We are focused on bringing positive impacts to the people, communities and nature where we live, work and play.

Our journey started within, understanding we effect change from the inside out. We are guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and looked at our internal ways of doing business. We identified opportunities for positive change and invested action, people and resources to implement responsible practices and directly support a more sustainable future. For us, this is an ongoing journey and proactive exploration.


Our Mission – To be a sustainable business built on a knowledge sharing culture, creating value for our clients and inspiring our people.


As strategic planners and problem-solvers, we are committed to advance sustainable and innovative solutions with our clients. Our suite of sustainability services guide clients through a co-created journey through strong engagement and exploration of innovation together with strategic, operational and commercial integration.


We collaborate to find sustainable solutions that reduce risk and negative impacts, and create positive solutions – environmentally, socially, ethically and economically. We help our clients identify opportunities to improve sustainability/environmental performance, including decarbonisation and emissions reduction strategies to create a positive impact with local and regional partners.

The urgency of the climate crisis has challenged us to broaden how we think about ourselves and the way we approach our business internally. Our journey started within, addressing the activities that make the biggest impact to the environment.


MI Global Partners are extremely proud to be B Corp certified.


Certified B Corporations (or B Corps) meet extremely high standards of social, environmental and economic performance, accountability, and transparency - along with envisioning a better economic system where businesses can benefit people, communities and the planet. We choose long-term investments over quick wins and measure our success based on the positive impact we create.


As a B Corp, we measure our impact across five areas - workers, customers, governance, environment and the community. Our journey to becoming a B Corp has helped us frame our actions to becoming a responsible corporate citizen.


These actions range from enhancing our charter of incorporation to reflect our commitment to our staff, clients and communities, as well as our shareholders. We have also enhanced our internal policies to ensure we are “walking our talk” - from sourcing, to establishing and implementing a climate action plan. We also provide additional sustainability training for our staff and focus our volunteering and charitable giving to aligned community projects and organisations. Finally, we are tracking our progress and will publish our first impact report in 2026 as we reapply for certification. Learn more here.

Green on White_Organisation_Horizontal.png

MI Global Partners has achieved Climate Active certification for our business operations. We measure, reduce and offset with a net result of zero emissions.


The certification process involved measuring our Carbon footprint before designing an effective Emissions Reduction Plan for the next five years. Our plan has set the target for 50% reductions by 2030 and involved reflecting and incorporating actions such as a smarter green energy choice, smarter corporate travel, waste management, sustainable procurement and staff education. Any emission we can’t reduce, we will continue to offset.


Committed to sustainability, innovation and industry leadership, Climate Active certification also provides our organisation with the opportunity to demonstrate we are playing a part in climate action, meeting our stakeholder expectations, saving energy and costs, connecting better with the community and engaging our employees.


With a huge focus on emissions reduction, we offset the emissions we are unable to eliminate.


One of the projects we chose to support to help us do this was the inspiring Canopy Blue organisation. Canopy Blue are pioneering hyperscale offshore seaweed cultivation in Western Australia to sequester CO2, restore the oceans, regenerate the planet and deliver a carbon neutral replacement for fossil fuels.

Seaweed cultivation has a net positive environmental impact and provides opportunities to replace emissions-intensive products with low-carbon food, animal feed, bioplastics and biofuels.


With the help of Everclime, a company who connects consumers, employees and business stakeholders with impact projects - we were able to introduce 85 kelp plants to assist the restoration of a vital marine ecosystem that has suffered greatly in recent years.


For our corporate headquarters in Sydney, we’ve made the switch to 100% GreenPower as part of our journey and playing our part in decarbonising the economy.


We chose Red Energy, an energy provider completely owned by Snowy Hydro so they are 100% Australian. This also means our payment for Government accredited GreenPower electricity comes from new renewable sources such as hydro, wind, solar and waste and effectively supports further investment into renewable energy generated by the parent company.


Red Energy values align with ours by providing support to sport and community organisations including partnerships aligned with our own business and our clients Taronga Conservation Society Australia and Police Citizens Youth Club (PCYC).

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MI Global Partners has become a signatory to CitySwitch – a national sustainability leadership program for tenanted businesses who are transitioning into the green economy. CitySwitch aims to gather together those pushing for change, to demonstrate to office building owners the increasing voice of tenants toward improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks in the work environment.


As an accredited member, we have access to a wide network of other companies also taking steps to improve their sustainability, understand best practice and provide an opportunity to build collective knowledge along with connecting with other businesses of varying sizes, sectors and capabilities.

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We are an associate member of Sports Environment Alliance (SEA), a charity with a mission to lead, educate, and inspire Australia and New Zealand’s sport community to learn, share, and act for a more sustainable and regenerative future.


With a strong message of #noplanetnoplay, SEA is a platform that provides the resources, knowledge and the networks to support active industry and community engagement locally, in this global movement.


As part of MI Global Partner’s internal engagement & recognition program, we reward staff who have undertaken outstanding ESG work (both professionally and personally), each month. Staff are given virtual tokens to donate to 3 local charities we collectively chose in the areas of sustainable sports, mental health, and the wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.


At the end of each year, the charity with the most virtual tokens will receive a $1,000 donation and the other two charities will receive $250 each. At the start of each financial year we will select 3 new local charities to support.


We walk the walk and have developed a suite of sustainability policies for our internal processes including:

  • Corporate travel – Aimed to promote the use of videoconferencing where possible, offsetting necessary air travel and prioritising ground transportation modes through a hierarchy of: Active, Public, Electric, Hybrid, Standard transportation.

  • Sourcing – Seeking sustainable solutions when purchasing office products, hospitality and accommodation supplies and services.

  • Waste reduction – Educating staff on reducing waste and seeking recycled and reusable solutions

  • Volunteering – We support staff volunteering in the community. MI Global Partners also seek to use future Team Building days on volunteer activities that serve a deeper purpose for our communities.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges – and greatest opportunities – facing the global community today. We are choosing to be change makers who take action and lead by example. Our journey is on a continuum, evolving and growing as we make our way through the multitude of steps toward a low carbon future.

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