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MI Global Partners is now a Carbon Neutral organisation as we commit to lead by example on climate action and take responsibility for our carbon footprint.

Announcing our business operations have been certified carbon neutral by Climate Active (Australia’s government guaranteed standard for certification), our Chief Sustainability Officer Ann Duffy said: “Having proudly helped the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022 on its sustainability journey toward becoming a carbon neutral event, MI Global Partners is proud to see our own operations now certified.”

“With Australia’s golden runway of major events needing to ramp up towards the Brisbane 2032 commitment to be Climate Positive, we know the entire major event industry will need to join us and build their commitment to carbon neutral operations.”

Climate Active is a partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action – representing a collective effort to measure, reduce, and offset carbon emissions to lessen our negative impact on the environment.

As part of the process, MI Global Partners has now established an Emissions Reduction Plan with a key target to reduce GHG emissions by 50% by 2030. The emissions reduction plan includes the implementation of a sustainable travel policy and waste reduction actions, as well as our supply chain for leased office spaces, IT systems, hospitality and accommodation.

Seeing alignment in our values and partners, last year MI Global Partners also signed on to Red Energy for our energy supply and committed to 100% GreenPower. Red Energy is 100% Australian owned by Snowy Hydro, so our 100% GreenPower certificates will help further investment and growth for renewable energy generation by the company.

Committed to sustainability, innovation, and industry leadership, Climate Active certification also provides our organisation with the opportunity to demonstrate we are playing a part, meeting our stakeholder expectations, saving energy and costs, connecting better with the community and engaging our employees.

“It is clear, the world needs us all to act, and our industry has the platform to influence change across society and lead by example,” Duffy said.

As a purpose-led company, MIGP’s suite of sustainability services guide clients through a co-created sustainability journey with strong engagement, innovation, and with strategic, operational and commercial integration. We encourage any organisation, big or small, who are interested in investigating how their organisation, event, sport or venue can become more sustainable to contact us.

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