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Over the past 16 months, MI Global Partners has embarked on the B Corp certification journey, envisioning a global economy that uses business as a force for good. 


Certified B Corporations (or B Corps) meet extremely high standards of social, environmental and economic performance, accountability, and transparency - along with envisioning a better economic system where businesses can benefit people, communities and the planet. We choose long-term investments over quick wins and measure our success based on the positive impact we create.

“Achieving B Corp certification is a team effort. Our board and staff have taken up the challenge and come to a greater understanding of the impacts of our company’s activities – socially, environmentally, and economically”, said Ann Duffy, Chief Sustainability Officer and ESG Board Advisor. “We have created and improved our internal practices and external initiatives including how we deliver our services to our clients. We have all 'learned by doing' and are in a better position to generate positive impacts for our clients, people, communities, the environment and ultimately, the planet.”

As a B Corp, we measure our impact across five areas:

  • Workers

  • Customers

  • Governance

  • Environment

  • Community


Our journey to becoming a B Corp has helped us frame our actions to becoming a responsible corporate citizen and has allowed us to examine the broader and deeper environmental, social and economic issues, and opportunities associated with our business and that of our clients.

Internally, we formalised our purpose statement, accounted for our environmental, social and economic impacts, and opportunities associated with:

  • Our board, staff, and corporate partners (including enhancements to our professional development programmes);

  • Our sourcing practices;

  • Our office operations including business travel and waste management;

  • Our fantastic clients domestically and internationally; and

  • Our community impacts particularly in the cities in which we work and across Australia and beyond.


The B Corp framework is a practical lens to continually evaluate our operations, our services and become even more familiar with the impact we can help co-create with our clients.

As a B Corp member, we bring a higher standard of care of verified performance, and track and report with greater transparency and accountability to our clients, corporate partners, and employees. In addition, we bring an expanded focus on the broader lens of unlocking positive impact across the environment, people, communities and supply chains. The B Corp certification process has helped to fortify how MIGP will continually improve our thinking, collaborations and services.

As a new B Corp member of the global community of change makers, MIGP is excited to meet, engage and collaborate with like-minded organisations to leverage practical, innovative and timely opportunities. We are excited and ready to bring our voice to this global community and amplify our participation as shapers and change-makers of events, sport and place.

As we grow, we know that our B Corp journey is a positive attractant for top talent. Our employees resonate with our purpose and bring their expertise, excellence, and passion to work every day. We are deeply inspired by the prospect of our current and new employees building collective networks, engaging in professional learning and sharing collaborative pursuits.

As a firm, MIGP recognises the position we are in to influence positive change across our client work, supply chains and our communities. We know that maintaining our certification requires us to manage and report on our KPIs, policies, footprint and impacts. Like any journey, we welcome the discovery of new and evolving opportunities for improvement. We will publish our first impact report in 2026 as we reapply for certification.

“As the new CEO I am extremely proud of what the MIGP team has achieved and I’m very excited about our future. B Corp certification recognises our credentials as leaders in the sustainability space across events, sport and place, and the positive impact we can have when we work with purpose together without clients and the community to use business as a force for good”, said Rob Nelson, Chief Executive Officer.

MIGP is keen to bring our experience and insights to our clients to also find opportunities to reduce risks, save money, augment benefits and unlock positive environmental and socio-economic value. Sometimes this work will be a supporting effort with a client project and other times this work will be a leading effort. We can’t wait to bring this ethos, lens and way of work to our current and new clients!

Learn more about our commitment to ESG and sustainability here.

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