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We are a purpose-driven company and we want to be more than a business. We want to leave an enduring impact on people's lives and the planet.

Sustainability Services


We provide services that cover the full breadth of sustainability solutions across Events, Sport and Place.


The services we offer can adapt and evolve to all types of clients and projects. No role is too big or too small.

Sustainability Awareness, Training and Communications

Sustainability Assessment


Sustainability Stakeholder Engagement


Sustainability Strategy, Planning & Legacy


Sustainable Policy and Program Development


Sustainability Management Systems


Sustainability Venue Assessment, Audits and Revitalisation Plans


Sustainability Monitoring and Reporting

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Sustainability Commitment

Our mission is be a sustainable business built on a knowledge sharing culture, creating value for our clients and inspiring our people.

The urgency of the climate crisis has challenged us to broaden how we think about ourselves and the way we approach our business internally. Our journey started within, addressing the activities that make the biggest impact to the environment and understanding we effect change from the inside out. 


We identified opportunities for positive change and invested action, people and resources to implement responsible practices and directly support a more sustainable future. For us, this is an ongoing journey and proactive exploration.

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Sustainability Team

Our sustainability service offering is led by a core team of sustainability professionals and supported by an integrated team in strategic and project planning, economic analysis, operations planning and management, impact assessment and long-term planning and program delivery.



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If you are wanting to start or continue your sustainability journey, we'd love to hear from you. 


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