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 Chair of Advisory Board

Monica Bradley 1_edited.jpg
Monica Bradley 1_edited.jpg

Monica is an experienced Company Chair and Advisor with sustainability, technology and investment experience. Her expertise accumulated over decades and across continents has its foundations in the industrial sectors of trade and logistics, followed by a decade in professional services predominantly in government reform and most recently in technology, impact investing & early-stage capital.

She accepts board roles with ventures that directly contribute to the transition to low carbon, inclusive impact economies. She is the Chair of Circonomy, a circular service provider to retail and real estate sectors and CoEx Services which runs the $1b Container Deposit Scheme in QLD.


Monica was on the Investment Committee of $80m QBD Fund managed by QIC, is a co-founder of the Australian CoralUS group which provides no interest debt to women led businesses solving SDGs and is an Advisory Board member of $200m Investible Climate Fund and Beyond Zero Emission.


Throughout her career Monica held senior executive advisory roles in New York, Sydney and Dubai in global trade, logistics, institutional investment and the public sector, with the cornerstone of her executive career being her ability to deliver revenue growth, new business formation and digital transformation in challenging and uncertain environments. 


From the boardroom to the scale up space - Monica is at the forefront of investing, advocating and designing the business models that will deliver the transition to the low carbon, inclusive, impactful and innovative new economy.

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