Niels Erik Lund, Senior Consultant

Neils Erik is a Senior Consultant with MI Associates, with an extensive background in sound recording and theatre design. He is currently engaged with the Sydney Opera House as Project Manager leading a multi disciplinary consultant team responsible for the refurbishment of the Concert Hall.

Neils Erik was the project leader and design manager responsible for the redevelopment of the Copenhagen Concert Hall  (DR Koncerthuset), designed by Jean Nouvel as part of the new Danish Broadcasting Corporation Town.

The concert complex consists of four halls with the main auditorium seating 1,800 people. It is the home of the Danish National Symphony Orchestra. With a total surface of 25 000 m², the concert hall complex includes a concert hall of 1800 people and three recording studios with variable acoustics.

Following the completion of the facility, Neils Erik became Head of Facilities and Productions, responsible for developing and optimising facility to provide what today is recognized a leading musical cultural establishment in Denmark.

Originally from Copenhagen, Neils Erik background includes the construction and establishment of three recording studios in a former 700 seat cinema. As a recording engineer, mixer and producer he was responsible for more than 200 Vinyl/CD productions as well as 30 feature length film scores.

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